The Barn Outdoor Pursuits Association

Woodlands Centre

Low cost, self catering accommodation in Betws-y-Coed

About us

The centre is run by a group called 'The Barn Outdoor Pursuits Association' which is a registered charity. The purchase and refurbishment has been supported by the Lottery Fund with additional support by Staffordshire County Council to provide facilities enabling programmes for personal and social development of young people in Wild Country.

The Association is founded upon the principle of equality of opportunity. Programmes based on physical, mental and group work challenges in the outdoors can develop the individual's inter-personal skills, self- discipline and self-confidence. The resulting increase in self-esteem and sense of self-worth can underpin a positive contribution to society.

It has always been our policy that fees charged to young people should be kept to the lowest level possible to break even. Over the years we have subsidised these fees by holding dances, jumble sales, etc. and have received a small annual grant of £300 from Staffordshire County Council. This grant was substantially increased of late.

It has also always been our policy that all groups of young people must be accompanied by leaders suitably qualified and more recently covered under the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority for the activity they are going to undertake.

Our objectives

Section 3 (Objects) of our constitution states the following: The objects of the association are, by associating together the inhabitants of Staffordshire and other surrounding areas including the Welsh Region and Local Authorities, voluntary and other organisations in a common effort to:

  1. provide, in the interests of social welfare and the advancement of education, facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupations for the young people of Staffordshire and other surrounding areas, being facilities
    1. of which those persons have need by reason of their youth, disablement, or social and economic circumstances and
    2. which will improve the conditions of life to such persons by promoting their physical, mental, social and interpersonal wellbeing and, in any manner which is or hereafter may be deemed by law to be charitable;
  2. maintain a centre called The Woodlands Centre to provide low cost short stay accommodation in Snowdonia to enable and encourage young people and families of all denominations, creed or colour to take an active part in Outdoor activities or family learning and the associations conventions and responsibilities of communal living;
  3. maintain and Manage the centre (whether alone or in co-operation with any local body) in furtherance of these objects;
  4. promote such other charitable purposes as from time to time be determined.

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